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Ace The CXC/CSEC Mathematics Exam This Year.

This eCourse Will Show You How To Answer Questions To Get Full Marks!

Course Overview:

This eCourse is a digital product built for CXC/CSEC Mathematics Exam Preparation. Inside you’ll learn how to answer exam style questions from each of the 11 important topics that you are required to know. The course consists of step-by-step video solutions and detailed solution notes that walk you through example questions and teach you how to get full marks. Auto-correcting CXC style practise quizzes are also available for you to test yourself.

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5 Week Program:


Registration CLOSED

The Ultimate 5 Week Mathematics Exam Training eCourse Includes:

+130 Video Tutorials

Watch and learn at your own pace as we guide you through all the topics of the exam with over 130 high-quality video tutorials.

Detailed Study Notes

Follow along with detailed study notes including diagrams and images to help you remember and make revision quick and easy.

CXC/CSEC Style Questions + Solutions

Learn how to score full marks on exam style questions with our practise questions and step-by-step solutions.

Private Student Community

Join over 1,000 students from across the Caribbean who are all preparing for the exam and learning together.

Online Tutor Support

Ask questions whenever you get stuck and need extra help on any topic and your tutor will be there to help.

Auto-Correcting Practise Quizzes

Test yourself after you complete each topic with interactive CXC style quizzes.


Course Details:

Meet Jordan

Hello, my name is Jordan Khan and I’m going to be your tutor throughout this eCourse. I’m glad that you’ve discovered this website and are taking the time to learn more about the course, it shows that you are interested in the program.

Our team has worked extremely hard to create this program for you, however it is up to you to take advantage of this opportunity and complete the eCourse with diligence. If you commit to this 5 week eCourse and follow our guidance you will certainly succeed in your exams this year. Even if you only register for the free version of the eCourse, you are still on the right track and hopefully you will learn a lot.

I’ll be with you every step of the way if you need extra help and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. So please feel free to leave comments or ask questions if you ever get stuck.

Did you know that 70% of all students failed The CXC/CSEC Mathematics exam last year? Over the last 5 years the Mathematics pass rates’ across the region have continued to drop and more students are failing the subject. This motivated us to create the Ultimate 5 Week Exam Training eCourse to help you get prepared and learn how to pass the exam!

The Ultimate Exam Training eCourse is divided into 11 Topics, each one of these topics cover a collection of CXC/CSEC Style questions and includes full step-by-step video solutions, study notes and auto-correcting exam style practise quizzes for you to test yourself.

Week 1:

  • Computation/ Consumer Arithmetic
  • Algebra I
  • Set Theory & Venn Diagrams

Week 2:

  • Measurement & Construction
  • Statistics
  • Trigonometry I

Week 3:

  • Geometry (Transformations)
  • Number Theory/ Algebra II
  • Algebra, Relations, Functions & Graphs

Week 4:

  • Geometry II
  • Trigonometry II
  • Vectors & Matrices

Week 5:

  • Revision

The Exam training eCourse is an automated series of lessons that teach you how to answer CXC/CSEC Mathematics exam style questions through step-by-step video tutorials and detailed study notes. The course covers the 11 important topics that will appear on the exam paper.

When you register for this eCourse you will begin by learning the content available for “Week 1″, which are the first 3 topics. Every week after that, you will continue to automatically unlock more topics until you have unlocked and completed them all.

This automated system was put in place to ensure you progress at a steady pace and it allows you to focus on specific subject areas without being overwhelmed with too much all at once.

*For the best results we suggest you log on 5 times a week and complete 2 – 3 lessons each time. This should take you roughly 1 hour per day.

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"The explanation and demonstration were very helpful. I used the videos to explain one of the topics that I had found difficult in class. Two thumbs up!!"

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"A better learning atmosphere compared to the school setting"

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"Excellent! Educational and helpful for CXC :)"